City Church Staff Changes

City Church Staff Changes

Update for City Church Nowra 31st May 2020

Ps Tim and Netty have handed in their resignation as Assistant Pastors of City Church Nowra. This includes stepping down from their positions on Staff, as Pastors, Team Leaders and Finance Exec. They will remain committed church members and will also remain on the church eldership team.  This is news that Michelle and I are very happy about. From their own words, there is no offence at all between them and Michelle and I or any other person in the church and they are very happy with the direction and leadership of City Church moving forwards, they just feel that this is a new season for them personally and this decision is led by God. Ps Tim will remain on staff until Friday the 5th of June and then begin a new job as the Operations Manager in the same company where Ps Netty already works. 

This decision was entirely initiated by Ps Tim and Netty and not from Ps Michelle and I.  Whilst this was a massive shock for Ps Michelle and I, we dearly love Ps Tim and Netty for who they are more than what they do in the church, and support this decision as they feel led by God. We are very thankful to still have them as church members and church elders moving forwards and most importantly as our friends. Please make sure that you tune in to our online church service this Sunday the 31st of May at either 8:30am, 10:15am or 5:30pm where we will present a short interview with Ps Tim and Netty and honour them, as well as interviewing others from our pastoral team talking about the exciting next season for the church coming out of Covid 19.

In regards to how we will fill all the responsibilities Ps Tim and Netty did throughout the church, we have some great news to announce:

(1) Ps Kiralee Showell will fill the role of church office manager, overseeing the financial element of our church and coming on to our Finance Executive Team. Ps Kiralee is already a valued staff member and also has experience looking after the books of a number of local businesses in the past. Sharen Queripel will continue in her role as office assistant, supporting Ps Kiralee, who is already on staff as our youth pastor along with her husband Ps Justin. She will plan to work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the church office in the future. This is our long term plan and we understand that Ps Kiralee is due to have her third baby in July, so whilst she will be in and out of the church office from now on, we are probably looking at around October 2020 before Ps Kiralee is ready to take on this role permanently. We are very excited to have Ps Kiralee on board.

(2) Ps Dan Beazley will fill the role of Church Property Manager, which includes the building projects, maintenance, cleaning, leases and ensuring that we are up to date with all insurance and legal obligations. Ps Dan is already a crucial part of our core leadership overseeing the Creative Team and Young Adults along with his wife Ps Mikala. Ps Dan will be working at the church on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and will most likely be free to begin his staff position at City Church in late June or July 2020. We are very excited to have Ps Dan on board.


(3) Looking at our Pastoral Care Demographics we will continue to encourage our church members to see their Connect Group Leaders, with the support of other Connect Group members, as their main pastoral support in the church. Our Pastoral Team will then oversee different demographics across the church to bring added support to our Connect Group Leaders and members. These demographic age groups are flexible but helps our pastors to ensure all generations in our church are supported to the best of our ability. So demographically Ps Justin and Ps Kiralee Showell will oversee the youth and kids/young families, Ps Dan and Ps Mikala Beazley will oversee the young adults, Ps Ian and Ps Lisa Donovan will oversee Adults 40 years and over and Ps Trevor Aspin will oversee our retirees.

There are however three team leadership roles which Ps Tim and Netty were overseeing that we have not made decisions on at this stage. The Covid-19 restrictions have meant that all these areas have been put on hold for a short season, which eases some of the pressure to make a quick decision. However we do look forward to seeing each of these areas enter into a new and exciting season once restrictions start to ease. Like any leadership change in church life, when space is created, it is amazing to see who God raises up to fill it.

Here are some of the vacant leadership roles that we will look to fill moving forwards, (most likely in a volunteer capacity):

(1) Connect Cafe Food and Connect Cafe Drinks Team Leaders

(2) Global Care Team Leaders (includes Hub Store, Hub Bus, Shine, Strength etc)

(3) AM Welcome Team Leaders (Ps Michelle has volunteered to oversee this team in the short term once Sunday church resumes) 

Let me finish by saying once again how much Ps Michelle and I love Ps Tim and Netty and have appreciated the massive blessing that they have been for so many years. Personally I am so thankful that they have been there right beside Ps Michelle and I for the first five years of our tenure as Senior Pastors of City Church, which has been a greater blessing to us than they would ever know. 

God bless, 

Ps Jason Smith (and on behalf of Ps Michelle Smith)
Senior Pastors – City Church.


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